Part-Time Director of Worship & Music

Poplar Springs Baptist Church in Lavonia, Georgia, is searching for a Part-time Director of Worship & Music. Regular Sunday morning worship gathering attendance ranges from 150-190.


The primary responsibilities of the part-time Director of Worship & Music will be to lead a blended multigenerational worship gathering and develop the worship and music ministry at Poplar Springs Baptist Church. This person is directly accountable to the Lead Pastor. The candidate will possess an adaptable skillset and leadership capabilities, enabling a worship ministry to grow with us as we grow numerically, and to develop special worship events on campus and in our community.


  1. Continue to grow and mature in Christ as a godly person of integrity. Must have a strong sense of calling and identity in Christ. Must demonstrate leadership and being able to disciple those in their sphere of influence.
  2. Provide leadership, vision, and passion for Poplar Springs Baptist Church in the area of music and worship ministries that align with the overall vision, purpose, and mission of Poplar Springs Baptist Church. Lead in creating and implementing new worship opportunities, which align with the mission and vision of Poplar Springs Baptist Church.
  3. Coordinate with the Pastor to create and lead well-planned and engaging worship gatherings. This includes leading the Sunday Worship gathering, recruiting and developing a choir, instrumentalists, and scheduling/rotating vocalists. Responsibilities include preparation for and leading rehearsals and consulting with the Pastor to coordinate the music for the Sunday worship gathering.
  4. Proficiency in leading worship with strong vocal ability. Capability of leading with a guitar and/or piano is a plus but not a requirement.
  5. Develop and administer an annual budget for the worship ministry in accordance with the financial policies of the church.
  6. Meet consistently at staff meetings with the Pastor and participate in the planning and implementation of church programs that will fulfill the mission and vision of the church.
  7. Assist in planning, implementing, and leading worship for special events outside of Sunday worship gatherings when necessary (i.e., Sunrise Easter service, Homecoming, etc.)
  8. Is responsible for finding suitable leader(s) for worship services if sick, on mission, or on vacation.
  9. Either currently is a member of, or willing and qualified to join the membership of Poplar Springs Baptist Church upon hiring in full agreement of our statement of faith.
  10. The number of hours may vary or be adjusted to meet particular needs and/or programs, as indicated in the duties section of this document. The actual daily working hours of the Director of Worship & Music shall be coordinated with and approved by the Lead Pastor.
  11. When available, perform other duties as assigned by the Lead Pastor.

The following would be a plus but not a requirement for the job:

  1. Being an ordained pastor or willing to be ordained if a calling is a plus but not a requirement.
  2. Knowledge or proficiency of church streaming, hosting, and software such as Planning Center, Breeze, OBS, WordPress, etc., would be a plus but not a requirement.


Salary Package:

According to the 2022 budget that has already been submitted by the Budget/ Finance committee and voted upon by the congregation of Poplar Springs Baptist Church, the part-time Director of Worship & Music pay package is up to $20,800 per year, or $400 per week. Mileage will also be considered for any applicant who does not live in a given radius of the church campus. Salary will commensurate with applicant’s experience.



Three (3) Sundays are allowed for vacation. Any Sundays missed while on mission with Poplar Springs Baptist Church would not count toward that number. While 3 Sundays are given, we know that the Lord at times changes circumstances from what we expect, so this is a guideline and falls under the purview of the Pastor of Poplar Springs Baptist Church.

Applicants may email their resume and URL link of a video of them leading worship to

Applicants may also mail a DVD of them leading in a worship environment to:

Poplar Springs Baptist Church

67 Poplar Springs Church Rd.

Lavonia, GA 30553